This baby was born without part of the skull. The whole medical staff was shocked. Thai citizen Simone Sama was born in January with an ex...

This Baby Was Born Without Part Of The Skull, The Whole Medical Staff Was Shocked This Baby Was Born Without Part Of The Skull, The Whole Medical Staff Was Shocked

This Baby Was Born Without Part Of The Skull, The Whole Medical Staff Was Shocked

This Baby Was Born Without Part Of The Skull, The Whole Medical Staff Was Shocked


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This baby was born without part of the skull. The whole medical staff was shocked. Thai citizen Simone Sama was born in January with an extraordinarily huge head. According to the doctors, his skull collapsed absent and fractured as a result of the pressure change that occurred after the fluid was drained. As a child, Simone was abandoned by his parents and placed with his grandmother to care for him.

In spite of his efforts, his had continued to expand, forcing him to live his life as though he were a vegetable. Simone’s grandma claims that he’s unable to crawl or make noise in the same way that other youngsters do in a race against time for life saving treatment for his two inch deep fracture in the top of his head, an eight month old infant has been abandoned by his parents and is now living with a crack in his head.

Simone Sama from Nonkai in Northern Thailand, was born with an abnormally large head in January of this year after physicians told his parents that issues were likely throughout the pregnancy. Simone’s parents were not aware of the risks until after his birth. It was discovered that the skull had collapsed and fractured after they performed surgery and drained extra fluid.

Following the deformity, Simone’s parents abandoned him and left him with his grandmother, Nucleang, 48, who raised him until he was 18. The fact that Simone’s skull is continuing to expand is causing him to live like a vegetable, and he’s in a race against time to receive lifesaving therapy in the same way as vegetables are considered to be. Simone has become as bland as a vegetable, his grandmother observed. He does not make a lot of noise or crawl as other children do at this age, which is unusual for him. We’ve been waiting and waiting for another appointment with the doctor.

The crack in his skull appears to be getting bigger, which leads us to believe that there’s more water in his skull. The physicians attempted to remove the fluid from Simone’s brain the first time but were unsuccessful, said Newt Long’s nephew, Fernwarpal, who also assists with Simone’s care. His head had a hole in it after the operation, and he was completely lifeless after that. We’re not sure if he’ll ever be able to recover, the statement from Mr. Weerapole said.

We have no idea whether he’ll ever improve or if he’s going to deteriorate. Neither do the doctors, who are baffled. The search is on for a doctor who can assist us some place. We require assistance in our efforts to improve the situation. Simone is looking forward to his next hospital appointment in November, when he’ll find out if any more water needs to be drained.

This condition is referred to as encephalocelle. What is encephalocelle and how does it manifest itself? An encephalocelle is a congenital brain abnormality that affects the right side of the brain. It occurs during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy when a portion of the baby’s skull does not close completely. It’s possible that a portion of the baby’s brain will pass through the hole in the skull.

A portion of the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Meninges, as well as cerebrospinal fluid CSF, may also pass through the opening in the skull from time to time. Normally, the brain and spinal cord of a baby develop inside a structure known as the neural tube during the first few months of life. Occasionally, if the neural tube does not close properly, a portion of the brain may become stuck outside of the neural tube. The region of the brain that lies outside the skull is covered by skin or a thin membrane, depending on the species.

This is referred to as a sack by doctors. Encephalocelle in children is a birth defect that affects the brain’s ability to function. A total of 375 newborns are born with encephalocelle each year in the United States. According to estimates for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Encephalocelle is more common in some parts of the world than in others in the United States.

It’s one of the least prevalent types of neural tube abnormalities to occur. The following are some characteristics of encephalocellis that are common. Girls are more likely than boys to have an encephalocelle, which is a hole at the back of the brain. Boys are more likely than girls to be born with encephalocelle in the front of their heads. Encephalocelli is more common in the back of the head in North America than in the front.

Encephalocella is more common in the front of the head in Southeast Asia than in the back. Doctors believe that the genes passed down from parents to their children may play a role in the development of encephalocelle. The problem is more common in families who have a history of neural tube disorders such as spina bifida and anencephalacy, which are related to the birth defect. Encephalocelle is diagnosed using a series of tests. A bulge on the head and a divide or cleft in the skull or face.

Bones are the most common signs of an encephalocelle when a baby is born, according to medical professionals. However, encephalocelle is sometimes discovered later in life, even when a child is only a few years old. It’s possible that a minor encephalocelle will go undetected by doctors for some time. This type of tiny encephalocelle is most commonly found around the baby’s nose, sinuses, and forehead region. An encephalocelle might be seen on a prenatal ultrasound scan from time to time.

If this occurs, fetal MRI may be performed to obtain additional information about your baby’s status. Encephalocelle is treated by Surgery The most common form of treatment for encephalocellia is surgery, which involves repositioning the portion of the brain that is outside of the skull and closing the opening. The majority of the time, our neurosurgeons can repair even big encephalocelles without causing your infant to lose any additional function. Your baby’s treatment will be customized to meet his or her specific requirements. Babies with encephalocelle’s may require evaluation and treatment by specialists with a variety of fields, including craniofacial, plastic ophthalmology and Endocrinology.

In addition to neurosurgery, a shunt is sometimes required to remove cerebrospinal fluid from the area surrounding the brain. At another similar story. Baby born with Hull and skull exceeding expectations after Boston surgery Lincoln Bell is an active baby girl who enjoys attracting the attention of everyone around her and who also enjoys being the center of attention. It’s nearly impossible to think that this happy 14 month old from Texas was referred to Hospice care just one year ago. As she reaches enthusiastic for the new center five camera lens.

Lincoln was born with an extremely rare birth condition known as encephalocelle. Her MRI scan reveals a breach in her skull that allowed brain tissue and fluid to drain from the patient’s brain. As a result, part of her brain was developing on the outside of her skull, her mother, Caitlyn Gaston, stated. Doctors near their little community, according to WCV TV, stated there was no hope. However, we came to the conclusion that it was best to just give her a shot, her father, Mark Bell, recounted.

And thank God we did. Family members were urged to seek a second opinion at Boston Children’s Hospital for members of an online support group, according to Dr. Mark Proctor, chief of neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital. We had seen photographs of Lincoln and thought, we don’t believe we’d have too much trouble dealing with this. An operation in Boston was still a difficult undertaking.

Spider efforts Lincoln’s encephalocelle had increased in size to the point that it was almost as huge as her head. Her physicians removed the dead brain tissue and skin after draining more than a pound of fluid from her body. As Gaston put it, It’s crazy to look back and wonder how we managed to go through it. How did we manage to maintain any kind of normalcy while dealing with two heads? In addition to a small girl who’s ready to walk, play with her brother Lucas and enchant everyone around her.

The new normal for Gaston and Bell now includes a baby. She returned to Boston this week for her one year follow up appointment following the operation. I believe the level of interaction she has and the quality of her visual function are likely to exceed our expectations, Proctor said. Her parents have stated that they’re prepared for whatever happens next. She’s going to continue to suffer, Setbacks Spell said.

However, the fact that she’s still here and that we’re going through it all together makes it all worthwhile. In his response, Gaston stated that they would make the same decision again. We’ve obviously maintained our optimism, she remarked. Until Lincoln came along, I’d never experienced such a strong sense of God’s presence. Gaston and Bell have stated that they have received amazing support from their Church and their home community.

Lincoln on the other hand, is expected to have some developmental delays as well as eyesight difficulties. According to her physicians, she’s also confounded expectations in the past and may do so again.

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