For many of us, belief in God is an everyday selfevident thing. All around us, family members, acquaintances and friends profess some kind...

Elderly Woman Warned Pilot Of Storm But Was Mocked, Look What Happened Minutes Later Elderly Woman Warned Pilot Of Storm But Was Mocked, Look What Happened Minutes Later

Elderly Woman Warned Pilot Of Storm But Was Mocked, Look What Happened Minutes Later

Elderly Woman Warned Pilot Of Storm But Was Mocked, Look What Happened Minutes Later


For many of us, belief in God is an everyday selfevident thing. All around us, family members, acquaintances and friends profess some kind of religious faith, and although not everyone does so with the same intensity or in the same way, believers are generally in the majority, and there are not many people who openly and explicitly state that they do not believe in God. 

However, the situation is not the same in all countries of the world. In some first world nations, the economic boom and technology have increasingly distant citizens from God, turning the masses into a majority atheist group in which believers are a minority, and social pressure often pushes them to hide their faith for fear of ridicule or reprisals from others. But occasionally this religious minority has been able to give life lessons to their fellow citizens, moving mountains with their faith and thus demonstrating irrefutably that God exists.

This is one of those stories. The woman who overcame the blasphemous and antireligious environment in which she lived was called Azusana. She was born into a Jewish family whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors. Those old people always told the story that they had managed to survive, not thanks to a military intervention that freed them from the concentration camps where they were tortured, but exclusively thanks to divine intervention. 

One day they had simply been put on a car to be taken from the city to a camp where they would have been killed, and halfway there, the vehicle that was transporting them had an accident. Their captors died, but they were unharmed, and since all they had been doing all this time was praying, they were convinced that it was God who had allowed them to escape unharmed from the accident so that they could escape to the border and give their testimony of life. Since then, the members of that family, regardless of the education they received in the educational institutions of their country, will never doubt their religious beliefs. Devotion to God will be the pillar of their lives, and they were always rewarded for it.

Miracles did not cease to happen. Some members of that family were healed of seemingly incurable diseases, and all of them consolidated a considerable economic stability that allowed them to maintain a comfortable life. And this was the environment in which Azusena was born. From an early age, the girl experienced her religious devotion in a very intense and particular way, even within her family, unlike others who learned to pray as an obligation, and only as they grew older did they internalize it as a natural practice. As a Senna always prayed without anyone asking her to, simply because it came from her heart.

The little girl felt, although it would take her a long time to become aware of it, a strange force that rested inside her. It made her into someone special. She knew she was made for great things, but she could not figure out what exactly she should do with her life. As she discovered it, Azucena only found peace when she put her hands together and raised a prayer to heaven. The years passed and Azacanna only reaffirmed her faith.

But that great event for which she felt destined remained elusive. She was a good student at school and University and got a job as an office clerk, which, although it was no big deal, guaranteed her a decent salary with which to cover her expenses while maintaining the comfortable lifestyle to which she was accustomed. All this would make hers a quiet and happy life, but lacking the glory for which she felt predestined. And it was not that she was tempted by the futility of Fame and easy success. It was rather that she was suspected that the great thing she should do had to do with her faith.

She felt it as a divine mandate, and she was worried about not living up to the situation. She was worried about disappointing her God. The years continued to pass, and by the time Asaena was an old woman, she was convinced that she had missed her chance. Nothing transcendental in her life had taken place that could make her think that she had fulfilled her expectations of accomplishing something great. Besides, the woman had reached her old age and solitude, not because she had decided to do so, but simply because none of the relationships he had had proved to be stable over time.

But as Senna did not despair with the tranquillity that characterized her, she simply included in her daily prayers a prayer in which she asked for forgiveness for not having fulfilled what was expected of her. But what a Susana did not know was that there was nothing for which she should ask forgiveness. Her time had not yet come, but it would not be long before it did. It all began when Azassena received an invitation to travel to the capital of her country, where she would be hosted by the central Church of her religion. For her years of faith and religious devotion, the old woman thought it was a joke in bad taste.

As it has been said, in Aza Sena’s country there were more atheists and believers, and the few churches that existed were small and modest, so the idea of a national event to honor a simple, anonymous servant was implausible to her. It did not make any sense because they even told her that they would pay all the expenses of the trip when money was not abundant in the religious Church of that country. Azusena, despite her characteristic tranquillity, became upset and only accepted the proposal when she was put in direct contact with the highest religious authority in her country, and he told her that he had a divine manifestation in which he was asked to pay homage to assenna. The old woman understood that this tribute was perhaps what she had always felt ready for and accepted. She felt unworthy of being honored, but if these were God’s designs, it was not up to her to contradict them.

So she got everything ready and on the day of the trip she went to the airport. It was the first time she had ever been on an airplane and she was nervous, so she let the crew know and they kindly reassured her about the safety of air travel. As a Senate, however, clung to her faith and no matter how the other passengers looked at her, she began to pray that everything would go well. When her prayer ended, Asnna opened her eyes and realized that her moment had arrived and that what she had always prepared for would take place right there on the plane. It was then that she looked out of the window and saw strange clouds on the horizon, announcing a strong storm that was hurrying towards the plane.

The old woman widely commented to the other impressions, but no one paid any attention to her when she told the crew, the flight attendants, knowing that Azassena had been nervous when boarding the plane, knew it was a nervous fear and tried to reassure her as Asena saw that the storm was getting closer and closer, and in desperation, she got up from her seat, disobeying all safety measures, and approached the door to the cockpit. She began to bang on it to report that a storm was fast approaching, and it was then that all the passengers on the plane burst into derisive laughter at what they thought was asusen as hissy fit. But then, just a few minutes later, the unthinkable happened. The storm took the plane by surprise from one moment to the next and began to shake it from top to bottom. Landing was near, but the force of the wind and water was such that the pilot lost control.

Everyone lost their calm except Azusana, who understood that her moment had come and she did not stop praying. Remembering a biblical story in which God calmed the waters, the old woman stood up and ordered the storm to subside, and just at that moment, the pilot miraculously regained control of the plane and although with difficulty was able to land at the moment of boarding the plane. Assassin I was the only believer. But after that event, at the moment of landing, everyone was absolutely convinced of the existence of God, and since then they have not stopped giving testimony of what happened to their relatives and friends. Happy, the old woman understood that it was that demonstration of the existence of God and not the homage they were preparing in her Church what she felt predestined for all her life.

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