The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home it’s no secret that dogs make us happy ask any...

The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home

The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home

The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home


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The camera recorded what this woman was doing with the dog when her husband was not at home it’s no secret that dogs make us happy ask anyone who spends time with a pup on a regular basis and they’ll let you know just how much joy their tail wagging companion delivers and that was just the case at today’s video his girlfriend was completely unaware

That she was being monitored by her lover through a security camera installed in their home if you have a dog you have no way of knowing what they’ll get up to while you’re away some of them may dig through the trash and smell it out while others may rip up a pillow or two or simply take a nap on the couch however with remote security monitoring it’s now feasible to keep an eye on our

Pets that’s exactly what happened to jose perez who had to leave town for a few days on business and couldn’t come back his fiance and nina his dog were the only ones who stayed behind perez had a security camera system installed at his residence if it detected movements after midnight it was programmed to send him an email or text message as a result he was astonished to receive

An alert on his phone while sitting in his hotel room the intruder notification came in during pres’s absence while he was getting ready to go to sleep he explained a wonderful scene captured by a security camera and streamed to his phone took his breath away it was something he’d never expected to see nina and perez’s girlfriend were enjoying a private dance party in the

Kitchen which was open to the public despite the fact that they didn’t appear to be missing him all that much perez expressed his delight at witnessing the two of them enjoying such a good time together it definitely brightened my evening he stated they’re really close and spend most of their time together nina’s overjoyed every time my girlfriend visits at our residence i’m in a much better mood than when i first

Arrived nina is treated as though she were a daughter by us in spite of the fact that nina was the star of the private dance video she wasn’t the only animal to be seen on security video in addition to gaining insight into what their pets are doing when their owners are away more and more individuals are installing security cameras in their houses nest security cameras are a well-known

Brand of home security surveillance cameras in the united states the company recently aired a video of animals captured on camera when their owners weren’t at home which revealed some interesting facts about their personalities a dog tearing apart the pillows on a couch as well as a black and white cat suffering a spectacular tumble down a flight of stairs were all shown in the video to viewers

In another video the owners of a dog were able to see how effortlessly their pet managed to get through the doggy gate fourth when one of the dogs strolled over to the camera and urinated on it it was evident that the dog didn’t care for it the general manager of nest’s european division lionel palette stated we can’t seem to get enough of our pets whether they’re big or small grumpy or sleepy

With wireless security cameras we can keep an eye on not only our homes and families when we’re away but also our furry friends he added even better the business has introduced a new function called talk and listen which allows homeowners to drop in on their dogs from a distance and communicate with them they’ll be able to broadcast and receive audio in situations where dogs at home may require comfort or even a gentle

Scolding from their owners the ability to see what our four-legged buddies are up to means that we’ll never be in the dark about what they’re getting up to ever again at another funny and sweet similar story pat groomer caught dancing with a dog sweeps the internet after wife secretly films heartwarming footage gabriella caballero the husband of luis antonio caballero captured him dancing with a dog on video

With a white pooch the dog groomer dances to the b-52’s love shack while grooming the dog as of this writing the video has gained more than 4.4 million views on facebook his wife covertly recorded him dancing with one of the clients pets and the videos currently circulating on the internet buenos aires based luis antonio caballero 58 a dog-grooming salon employee has quickly gained popularity

On the internet as a result of the heartwarming film that he created after dancing to the b-52’s love shack while showering a small white puppy luis demonstrated that he’s completely satisfied with his job in the video clip released during the jig the groomer leaps from side to side with the dog who serves as his dancing partner as louise grabs his paws and swings them back and forth it was luis’s wife and business partner

Gabriella caballero who grabbed the humorous footage which she discreetly filmed while her husband was at work on the company’s facebook page gabriella posted the 40-second clip which she accompanied with the caption i died l-o-l this is how you bathe your pets go lou you’re a happy puppy lol the video has since gone viral garnering more than 4 million views since its release and prompting about 55 000

Shares on social media platforms although the videos received a tremendous amount of attention gabriella maintains that this is just a usual day at their grooming salon in an interview with the dodo she explained i went away to get some tea and return to see louise dancing the fact that he wasn’t aware that i was there prompted me to take out my phone and begin recording today is just another ordinary day around here

Gabriella went on to mention that in addition to grooming dogs louise volunteers his time to rescue and rehome stray canines which she found to be quite inspiring she went on to say we’re a family who’s completely dedicated to the pets he adores them and they adore him she says in another story security camera catches man’s sharing adorable moment with stray dog an unidentified man emerged from the

Darkness in front of met and can enter as he was headed to home on a turkish street in the wee hours of saturday morning it was a puppy with his tail wagging excitedly as he saw anna approaching from behind anner had previously seen the dog but only during the day the dog frequently hangs out at enter’s local coffee shop which is where the chance encounter at 2 51 am occurred

He’s on the street all the time enter told the dodo in an interview he’s always by the cafe says the author on this particular early morning though enter and the dog grew considerably more comfortable with one another following their shared joyous spirit when they recognized each other in that deserted street they reacted in the most endearing way we started dancing enner explained anna and the dog were no longer passing

Strangers on the street we became good friends anner shared his thoughts i already have four dogs so i wasn’t able to accept him into my house even though the dog looks to be living on the streets the dog appears to be well fed which suggests that he’s gained the trust of those who live in the surrounding neighborhood that was certainly the case for ener when they happened to meet at a random time this morning

Neither enter nor the dog were aware that their touching encounter had been captured on film at the time of the encounter the proprietor of the cafe had according to reports checked the surveillance film and shared it with enter the following morning and since it was posted on the internet the pleasant scene has gone global it took me by surprise to discover that have been captured on camera i had a great time i thought it was fantastic

Andrew shared his thoughts it’s always a pleasure to dance with animals in this manner animals are my second favorite thing in the world after people in fact according to barkbox dog parent study 71 percent of dog owners say their pets have made them happier individuals almost 80 percent of people say their pets make it simpler to get out of bed in the morning and an astounding 93 percent of individuals said their pets

Have made them a better person overall but why is this the case what makes us pleased about dogs and how and why do they make us happy the rules of love for thousands of years dogs have acted as man’s best companion and labored alongside us dogs have been written about for their faithful friendship and unconditional love throughout human history in good times and bad our canine

Companions are always there for us when we’re lonely they’re our friends and when we’re depressed they’re a reason to laugh they’re dependable non-judgmental sounding boards with whom we may play snuggle and most importantly be ourselves in the barkbox study 85 of dog parents said their dogs had helped them get through a difficult time in their lives patience compassion generosity and kindness are all qualities that are

Four-legged pales and still in us all these abilities cross over into our personal and professional life allowing us to work and socialize more effectively pet owners exhibit greater self-esteem we’re more physically fit we’re less lonely we’re more conscientious were more socially outgoing and had healthier relationship styles i.e they were less fearful of preoccupied than non-owners according to a study published in the

Journal of personality and social psychology dogs motivate us to get outside and be more active which can contribute to improved mental health in the long run dogs make us happy because they’re the spark for other beneficial habits in our life according to one perspective depression dogs and vitamin d physical activity triggers the release of endorphins which are hormones that make us feel good a plausible link

Between a shortage of vitamin d gained through sun exposure and depression has also been discovered through research we’re more likely to be content if we walk our dogs or simply spend time with them outside on a sunny day more than four out of five dog parent study participants said that having a dog has increased their activity level 72 stated that their dog has an impact on their workout routine what makes us happy in dogs is oxy what

Unconditional love and increased physical activity have been shown to improve people’s moods but what if we could prove that dogs made us happier through science turns out we can even tiny encounters with dogs leads the human brain to release oxytocin a hormone known as the cuddle chemical according to studies oxytocin reduces stress and anxiety while increasing feelings of relaxation

Trust and empathy when you cuddle with your dog you get that warm and fuzzy sensation oxytocin according to a study published in the journal science in 2015 simply looking into each other’s eyes generates a massive increase in oxytocin levels in both dogs and their guardians both male and female canines reported a 130 percent increase in oxytocin levels and both male and female owners experienced a 300 increase in oxytocin

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