Single mother gives birth to twin daughters, and the doctor discovers something amazing. Hello. Welcome to the channel viral story. And wi...

## His wife gave birth to white baby and he burst into tears when he discovered that ## His wife gave birth to white baby and he burst into tears when he discovered that

## His wife gave birth to white baby and he burst into tears when he discovered that

## His wife gave birth to white baby and he burst into tears when he discovered that

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Single mother gives birth to twin daughters, and the doctor discovers something amazing. Hello. Welcome to the channel viral story. And with a new story, let’s start. Nine months passed before this mother managed to have in her arms her two beautiful twins.
At first, it wasn’t easy to deal with pregnancy involving two kids growing in her womb. But she was a strong and battling woman who managed to follow the pregnancy with great courage and bravery. After all the obstacles and adversity she had to go through, she felt in the clouds and felt like she was dreaming. When she first saw her beautiful daughters. However, when examining the twins, she realized that there’s something very special in them.
This phenomenon is so rare that it occurs only in one of 10 million times. Carmen couldn’t believe what she was being told. But Carmen wasn’t the only one who was surprised. The doctors also thought it was a mistake. Carmen’s babies were so special that they became world famous and all this soon after they were born.
But to understand the whole story, we must begin from the beginning. Carmen and Thomas were a very beloved husband and wife. They were madly in love at first of their relationship, in the early months of their marriage. But after one year of their marriage, everything changed. They were fighting and arguing a lot.
If it wasn’t the finances, it was the housework. And they always found a reason to argue. It was definitely not a good environment for children, and at least they agreed on that. So when the woman got pregnant, her husband didn’t know what to do and added to their troubled relationship. Things got really complicated.
Only after seven months of pregnancy. Into the morning, Carmen woke up and saw Thomas acting with a very strange way. She could notice in him the existence of a great sense of guilt stamped on his face. It was so that when she left the room to go to the living room, to open the curtains as usual, and noticed that on the exit door to the street were some suitcases that belonged to Thomas, she knew what it meant. So she went up to her room and asked Thomas if by any chance he’d made the decision that would hurt so much.
She asked him, Is he leaving her? At that moment, Thomas looked her in the eyes and said, I’m not ready to be a father. I feel trapped here. I’m sorry. And that’s how Thomas left her that morning.
Running away from the responsibility that he had ahead. After these things, she had to hear. The woman felt completely devastated, sad, taken by a feeling of despair because she was seven months pregnant and didn’t know what to do with two babies on the way. Now she was alone. She’d never imagined raising two babies alone, but by now it was too late to regret it.
Yes, Carmen managed to get through these difficult months without anyone’s help. Besides working fulltime, she devoured books about motherhood like never before. And then the big day arrived. One down, Carmen felt contractions in her belly and woke up due to the terrible pain deep inside, she already knew the moment had arrived. It was finally time.
After nine months of waiting for a moment to meet her twins quickly, she called a cab to be able to go to the hospital in all haste. The driver looked worriedly at the pregnant woman. He only asked her about her husband. He was puzzled by the fact that she’s alone without the person who should be by her escort, the father of her babies. Walk dismissed.
She wanted to do this alone, but she was ready. When she arrived at the hospital, she was met by the doctors in the emergency area and was immediately taken to the delivery room. She found herself alone there. She didn’t know if anyone would come to see her there because she had no family or friends that were around to see her. There was no one to hold her hand in the cold screen delivery room, someone to say sweet words in her ears so she could calm her nerves.
The pain was the worst she had ever felt something like that in her life. The tears had come down her cheeks, feeling fear, anger, and in reality, a mountain of overflowing feelings. But when she heard the cry of her first baby, she knew that everything was worth it. It was an avalanche of love and relief. When the two babies were sleeping peacefully, she finally got a closer look at them.
They were two beautiful little girls. While some twins are identical, this was not the case with her babies. The little girl she called Emma had white skin. Carmen was really confused and didn’t understand how it was possible that one of her daughters was exactly identical to her and her ex husband. Black skinned, and the other one looked almost nothing like her white skinned.
After a few minutes of thinking about little Emma, Carmen realized that the baby had a great resemblance to her exhusband’s best friend and was in shock when she realized that she couldn’t imagine that something like that was possible. He had always been very kind to her and always brought a smile out of her,
so she ended up spending a night with him. Disturbed, Carmen did a DNA test of the girls, but no one could imagine the result. The doctors arrived at his office reviewing his files a week ago and already had the results of the intriguing exam. Totally distracted, he sat down and checked the results.
The woman was so shocked that she almost fainted when she heard this and finally understood everything. Everyone could vote that the two girls were from different countries and Carmen was afraid to tell Marcos, her ex husband’s friend. She didn’t know how he would react when he heard this news, but anyway, he’d always been lovely to her, so he loved Carmen’s courage.
She decided to go visit him together with her two girls. She was very nervous because she always had feelings for him, but because he was Thomas’best friend could never do anything about it.
And now he was the father of one of her daughters and deserved to know the truth. When he saw her in front of him, he met her with a huge smile on his face. At that moment, she calmed down and decided to tell him the whole truth about little Emma. Among other things confessed that she’d broken up with Thomas a few months ago. She told him everything that happened at the hospital with her twins.
She told him that those babies had two fathers and one of them was Thomas and the other was him. Marcos. After Marcos heard that, he was shocked and kept silent for minutes. He managed to say something, but he stopped. Then after a moment, he took her hands.
He said he would always be there for her. Carmen looked up with a big smile and tried to say what she feels. However, she was so nervous that she just managed to dwell with everything. Marcos was so emotional that he approached her and kissed her. He’d been in love with Carmen for a long time and now, finally, they could be together and form the family that had always wanted to have an unconventional family, but endowed with a great love that would fade away all their lives.
When a single Mother has two infants after a single pregnancy, twins are born. If they’re identical monozygotic, they are developed from a single zygote made up of just one egg and one sperm splits into two eggs, resulting in two embryos instead of one.
After then, each embryo grows into a different fetus. Fraternal or dizzygotic twins, on the other hand, are created when two different eggs are fertilized by two different sperm. Fraternal twins share only 50% of the same DNA as identical twins, whereas identical twins share 100%, which explains why fraternal twins don’t always look alike.
Unless the birth mother of a set of twins serves as a surrogate or utilized donor eggs, there’s no doubt that she’s the mother of both twins. However, you might be wondering if twins can have different fathers. Yes, but only if they are fraternal twins.
Because identical twins are created from a single egg sperm combination and hence cannot have distinct fathers, people have been able to undergo genetic testing to identify whether fraternal twins have two distinct fathers, as technology has enhanced the accuracy and accessibility of genetic testing. Hyper ovulation the release of numerous eggs in a single cycle results in fraternal twins.
Superficundation is a condition in which each egg is fertilized by sperm from a different man, resulting in biological fathers who are not the same, making the twins halfsiblings heteropaternal. Superfood condition is the correct phrase to use to describe this circumstance, although there’s little research on the prevalence of heteropaternal superfecundation of the general population.
Some researchers discovered that two 4% of dizzygotic twins whose parents were involved in paternity suits were the result of heteropaternal superfic condition. In a parentage test database of 390 records, some studies feel that the frequency of heteropaternal superfic condition is the general population is underestimated, despite the fact that it’s commonly thought to be extremely rare if a woman has sexual
intercourse with two separate males within the same time frame that both embryos are conceived, heteropaternal superficindation may occur when a mother of twins applied for public assistance in New Jersey, she was subjected to paternity testing. She admitted to having sex with another man the same week her twins were conceived.
When the test revealed that her partner was only the father of one of her twins. Similarly, a Texas mother of twins admitted to having an affair with another guy at the time her kids were conceived. Paternity testing revealed that her fiance was the biological father of one of the twin boys, but the real father of the other twins was another guy.
While we may presume that all cases of twins with different fathers are the result of the mother having sexual relations with multiple people, this isn’t the only possibility. This can also happen when twins are born as a result of reproductive treatments.

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