This week, videos of an elderly guy went popular on TikTok with allegations that he was 163 years old, shocking users who were astonished to...

## The Oldest Man in the World Breaks the Silence Before His Death and Reveals His Secret ## The Oldest Man in the World Breaks the Silence Before His Death and Reveals His Secret

## The Oldest Man in the World Breaks the Silence Before His Death and Reveals His Secret

## The Oldest Man in the World Breaks the Silence Before His Death and Reveals His Secret

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This week, videos of an elderly guy went popular on TikTok with allegations that he was 163 years old, shocking users who were astonished to learn of his age. It was suspected that the frail man, who appeared to be to be a Monk was engaged in self mummification.

A sequence of videos that began surfacing on everyone’s for you page over the course of the past week have left TikTok viewers in wonder and a little befuddled. The video depicts an elderly guy receiving care in a hospital in Thailand, and his incredibly feeble look drew attention to the fact that he was over the age of 100.

Some reports suggest that he’s 163 years old and that he engages in a form of self mummification that’s prevalent among Japanese Buddhist monks.

The old man, who is believed to be a Monk, has piqued the interest of the Internet and his granddaughter, who tapes the footage, has amassed a following of 5300 followers on the video sharing app TikTok. Is there any truth to the accusations that he’s over the age of 50 or that he practices self mummification? Is the 163 year old man from TikTok indeed, 163 years of age?

The rumors that circulated on TikTok about the 163 year old Monk were not real in the first place. According to fact checker snaps, the ancient man in the video is not 163, but rather a 109 year old Thai man named Long Foyai, who lives in Thailand.

While he appears to be a Monk in Thailand, he does not appear to be practicing the self mummification technique known as shokushinbutsu, which is popular in Japan. It was his granddaughter, Ayuri, who managed the TikTok account, Ayuri 13, which posted the videos, Ayuri post regular updates about her grandfather on the platform.

The earliest videos on that account, which date back to approximately November 2021, depict the elderly gentleman and his residence the next year. In January 2022, he was admitted to Thailand’s. Dan Kun thought hospital after breaking his hip bone with Ayuri’s videos informing people on her grandfather’s health receiving millions of views.

Recent recordings even appear to demonstrate that his health is getting better. He’s been able to eat, exercise and spend time with his loved ones. Following the global success of his videos, a number of individuals made nasty comments about his age in the comments section of one video, audio 13 indicates that he’s 109 years old, and he responds to a comment that refers to him as a corpse by saying, I’m not a corpse, I’m not a rotting corpse. Please consider paying homage to Long. Pause for a moment.

If you don’t like it, please scroll past it and don’t leave any comments along those lines. Thank you. What is Sokushinbutsu and how does it work? It’s a rare practice among Buddhist monks in Japan, but it involves persons entering mummification while they’re still alive by observing a rigorous regimen of self discipline and observing a strict diet.

In this practice, the monks follow a strict diet and dehydrate their bodies from the inside out by removing all fat, muscle and moisture from their bodies before being buried in a pine box to meditate for the rest of their days on Earth.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Long Foyai, the man featured in the video, engages in this form of self mummification. According to the Ayuri 13 Tik Tok account, there are no references to the practice, which suggests that it was most likely merely a rumor disseminated by third party viewers after the video went popular in the first place.

Who is the world’s oldest man, and how old is he? Juan Vicente Perez Mora has lived his whole 111 year existence in Venezuela’s Andes area, where he was born, grew up, work, married and fathered eleven children. He was born in the region, grew up in the region, worked in the region and fathered eleven children.

He’s still living an austere but happy life, and he’s widely considered as the oldest person in the country by a wide margin. He’s currently awaiting accreditation at one of the world’s ten longest lived persons on the planet, which he hopes will come soon. The fact that he was named after the country’s most famous person at the time, dictator Juan Vicente Gomez, 85, who is also a native of the Western state of Tisira and who ruled the country with an iron fist for nearly 30 years during the now childhood supersytarians and early adulthood comes as no surprise.

Gomez was the country’s most famous person at the time. Altia, who is currently confined to a wheelchair, is a guy a few words who conducts himself with a relaxed smile and confesses his Catholic faith by praying many times a day and listening to the radio broadcast of Mass.

He married at the age of 28, when the country was just beginning to establish itself as an oilrich nation, and in keeping with the traditions of the time, he and his wife progressively increased their family over the course of the next several decades. Eddiefina was his life companion from the day they met till death eventually ended their relationship in 1998.

Many others close to him have also passed away, including five of his children in a country where the average life expectancy is 70 years. For the past three decades, he’s had no friends of his generation, having spent the majority of that time practically secluded to his home and living a life devoid of wealth or ostentation. He has no plans to change that.

Juan vessel has never been evaluated by a geriatrician before in his adult life. His relatives are aware that he has shrunk as a result of his bent position, but they’re unsure of his weight or why his toenails are infected, a condition that is nearly as only health worry.

He hasn’t taken a single pill in several years. When he does become unwell, his daughter, Maria Perez de Dolmador, who looks after him at home and is constantly concerned that his health is worsening treats him using herbs that are grown locally in the area. Bathing him is the most difficult thing for me.

The 66 year old woman who speaks with her father the most regularly shaves his beard every other day and understands his slurred demands and gesticulations, told Effie. It’s the most difficult thing for me. Juan Vicente, who has never left Venezuela and has only made one trip to Caracas, has logged more than 40,000 days in San Jose de Boulevard, the same town into Chira state where he grew up working

in the fields to provide for his family during a time when farming was the backbone of the country’s economy. Juan Vicente was born in San Jose de Boulevard, a small town into Chira state where he grew up working in the fields to provide for his family. The grave economic catastrophe that’s befallen Venezuela in recent years has been witnessed by him since he turned 100.

He is seen as purchasing power decline and the public health system degrade all at a time when he is most in need of assistance. As a result, his pension has been reduced to less than $20 a month, while the monthly food basket costs approximately $300. Juan Vicente’s family, like all Venezuelan families, must maintain a careful balancing act in order to provide coffee in the morning and the odd empanada a fried pastry in the afternoon.

Based on current statistics, only about 2% of all centenarians will live to be 110 years old, at which point they’ll be referred to as super centenarians. His family is now attempting to obtain a certificate recognizing him as the 6th or 7th oldest person on the planet, as he is believed to be the only person in Venezuela to have reached that milestone.

Kane Tanaka, a 117 year old Japanese woman, holds the record for the world’s oldest verified living human person. What are Juan Vicente’s ambitions and dreams for the future, and how does he want to be remembered by his family and friends? No one knows for certain, but his daughter believes that his greatest ambition is to live even longer than he already has, which makes sense considering the excitement he displayed on his 111th birthday in May this year.

Who is the individual who has lived the longest in the world? King Tanaka, the world’s oldest living person, celebrated her 119th birthday on Sunday, according to a Twitter message released by her great granddaughter Junko Tanaka.

Cane Tanaka is the world’s oldest living person. This is a tremendous accomplishment. Canaga has attained the age of 119 years. Junko posted a photo of her great grandmother, whom she’d seen in December, along with a message on Twitter. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy life to the fullest and to the best of your ability.

Jungle posted a photo on Twitter of two commemorative Coca Cola bottles that Tanaka had received as a birthday gift, with the labels customized with her name and age. Tanak had received the bottles from Junko, according to the first of the birthday gifts that Cain has gotten for his birthday. I’m quite grateful for this gift.

The Coca Cola business created a special birthday bottle to commemorate the occasion. It appears that Cane continues to consume Coca Cola in the same manner as before.

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