Source: Youtube Jessy and David's home situation was very normal, until Jessy gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Ever since that mome...

Dog Refuses To Let Baby Sleep Alone - When Parents Find Out Why They Call The Police Dog Refuses To Let Baby Sleep Alone - When Parents Find Out Why They Call The Police

Dog Refuses To Let Baby Sleep Alone - When Parents Find Out Why They Call The Police

Dog Refuses To Let Baby Sleep Alone - When Parents Find Out Why They Call The Police


Source: Youtube

Jessy and David's home situation was very normal, until Jessy gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Ever since that moment, their family dog Benji shook things up completely. Benji would not let their daughter sleep alone, and when they got separated she would not stop barking. When David realized what was going on he got the shock of his life.

He immediately called the police and they came with every available officer...

Police arrives
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When the first police officer arrived he could not believe what he was witnessing. How could a dog have noticed this? He told David that he should be very happy with such an observant dog. Deep down David knew that he had screwed up, he should have been the one protecting his daughter...

Asking questions
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Within minutes at least a dozen more police cars arrived at the scene. They immediately started asking questions to both David and Jessy. The couple was in shock, they had no idea of the gravity of the situation until now.

Disturbing reason
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What the officers came for was disturbing for sure. But the fact that it already started when Jessy was pregnant was even more alarming. They had trusted the wrong people.

But why did Benji refuse to let their daughter sleep alone? And what did David eventually figure out that such a large police pressence was necessary?

Finally getting pregnant
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It all started when Jessy was finally pregnant, they both wanted this for a very long time. However, there was something that was bugging both of them, their dog Benji. They were hesitant about her reaction to the baby.

Horror stories
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Jessy had read some horror stories only from dogs that would not accept another family member, Jessy and David both hoped that Benji would accept this. Otherwise, they were definitely going to bring Benji to a shelter.

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Then one day when Benji finally noticed that Jessy was pregnant she started barking at Jessy's belly repeatedly. Benji did not seem happy with the pregnancy, she started to act really weird. Jessy got really scared of this strange behavior.

In need of answers
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They could not figure out what was triggering this behavior. Did Benji feel threatened or was there something wrong with the baby that Benji could feel? Jessy had to get answers, and quick before it would be too late.

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Jessy asked David to take Benji to the veterinarian, they had to absolutely make sure that there was nothing going on with Benji before they would need to choose between the baby or the dog.

Not an easy choice
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That choice would not be easy, but deep down they knew that if they had to choose they would definitely choose to bring Benji to a shelter if she could not accept the baby, this was to keep their daughter safe at all times. However, the vet could not bring clarity.

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He did some medical checks to see if the dog was okay, there was nothing wrong. He told David that she must be feeling something that is going on with the baby. He advised David to take Jessy to the hospital for some checkups.

Freaking out
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When David brought the news to Jessy she started crying. She felt like everything was wrong, Benji had probably noticed something that was going on with the baby. Jessy mustered up all of her courage to call her doctor. He told her to come in immediately.

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Jessy called her friend, Anne, who was there for her almost every day, to take her. She had been helping during the pregnancy around the house. She showed up within minutes to help her friend get to the hospital. When arriving there the receptionist told her she could go in.

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The doctor did some elaborate medical tests to make sure everything is alright. The ultrasound, as well as the other tests, did not indicate anything that was wrong with Jessy or the baby. They still did not get the answers they were looking for.

Feeling miserable
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When they arrived home Jessy broke down, she kept crying. She did not want to choose between her child and the dog. Anne comforted her. Anne told Jessy that she would be there for them when they couldn't be home. Anne would become their babysitter, she had plenty of time.

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This comforted Jessy, there would always be someone there to keep an eye on Benji. A couple weeks later Jessy finally gave birth to a beautiful girl, Lily. Benji had still acted strange, but this is when more erratic behavior started happening.

Benji seemed to have calmed down
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The first few weeks everything seemed to go fine. Both Jessy and David were home to care for their little girl. Benji seemed to have calmed down. But when they started working Anne called them with some concerning news.

Not leaving her side
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She told Jessy that Benji refused to let Lily sleep alone. Benji would not leave her side. Jessy was totally baffled. When she told David he did not think much of it. Benji was just caring for Lily, he thought it was beautiful.

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Then one day Anne called in distress, she had separated Benji from Lily and after returning downstairs she was attacked by Benji. Benji was definitely overprotective, David knew that Benji had to be punished for this behavior.

Something's off
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With a heavy heart, he went back to the veterinarian, and the vet gave David a choice. He could bring Benji to a shelter or he could figure out why Benji was acting this way because the vet had a feeling something was off.

Were they the problem?
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David took offense to a comment that the vet made, he said to David that they were probably the problem. Benji did not trust them to let Lily sleep alone. However, David knew deep down that there was something else. He could not be the problem, could he?

Observing them together
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For a while, they decided to observe Benji together with Lily. Lily seemed to love the dog, and Benji definitely loved Lily, the could not say goodbye to Benji because she was overprotective.

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The problem was every time that David would bring Lily to bed or Lily fell asleep Benji would be at her side. David just accepted the situation, until one day Anne called that she was bitten by Benji. This gave David a sudden realization.

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David realized that Benji had only reacted really strangely when Anne was around. Benji was calm when she was not around. Anne must be the problem! He knew it!

Calm down
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Jessy told David that he must calm down, but she refused to let David do anything erratic. Jessy told David that Benji refused to let Lily sleep alone at night as well, so Anne couldn't be the problem. Could she?

Genius idea
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Jessy came up with a genius idea. She told David to install some cameras around the house to keep an eye on Benji and Lily. This would definitely get some more answers. They could even keep an eye on Anne during the day.

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Anne seemed to be hesitant about David installing cameras in the house. She asked if it was necessary, and what caused this. David thought this was very suspicious. He already did not trust her and now she started asking all of these questions.

Benji seemed to not trust her
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When David reviewed the first few days of footage nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Benji was still very protective. Benji constantly kept an eye on Anne. It really started to look like Benji did not trust her. David wanted to confront Anne.

Caught off guard
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David had to do this without Jessy knowing, they were best friends after all. David got himself really mad and yelled at Anne. ''What are you doing to my daughter!''. Anne was totally caught off guard. She assured David she had no bad intentions. 

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Anne fired back at David, she was furious. How could she have done anything? That stupid dog behaved like this ever since Jessy was pregnant, and she was not even around during the night. Then Jessy came home.

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Jessy got really mad at David for confronting Anne like this, she could not believe that he was accusing her best friend of being a threat to Lily. Jessy gave David an ultimatum, either figure it out quickly or get rid of Benji.

Night footage
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David realized that very moment that Anne had said something that would give him all of the answers he needed. Benji reacted the same way at night. He had never reviewed the night footage, but now he definitely will.

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David started up the software, he gasped when he realized that every single night the recordings were wiped off the hard drive. There was definitely something really strange going on here, but what?

Separate backups
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He decided to make a separate encrypted backup every day for the night recordings. David now knew for sure that he was going to get to the bottom of this. Benji had probably noticed something that he neither he nor Jessy could sense. 

Confirmed suspicions
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The very next day David was eager to watch the footage, his suspicions soon got confirmed when he loaded up the recordings. The footage of the baby's room was disturbing, he saw something entering through the window.

Complete shock
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David was in complete shock, he felt his heart pounding in his chest. When he reviewed more of the footage he was even more shocked. He had to quickly call the police before this gets out of control!

Calling the police
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David explained what he had seen. They told him they would immediately send all available officers to his home. David knew he just had discovered something huge, but what warranted such a huge police presence?

The first officer arrives
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David called Jessy to come home, and within minutes he heard sirens outside of his house. The first officers had arrived. Jessy arrived home as well, she demanded an explanation, when David showed her the footage she fell on her knees. Why?

Benji's reaction to Anne
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An officer told Jessy and David that they had to be proud of their dog for sensing this. They reviewed the footage and immediately asked David more questions about their home situation. He explained their dog's behavior and reaction to Anne. This triggered the officer.

Asking questions about Anne

''Where is she?'' he asked. They wanted to ask her questions. He gave them her number but she could not be reached. Where was Anne? They asked for more information, and Jessy told them everything they wanted to know.

Barking at the wall
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Meanwhile, Benji was upstairs with Lily, when officers entered the room she immediately ran over to the wall and started barking at it. It looked like Benji wanted to tell the officers something. There was something hidden in the wall.

Hidden compartment
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They used a sledgehammer to destroy the wall. They destroyed the wall without even asking David or Jessy. There was a hidden compartment behind the wall! What was going on here?

Finding a safe
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Without hesitation, they pulled everything out of there, including a safe. They had to get a safe cracker. In the meantime, other officers were running a background scan on Anne Anderson. What they came up with shocked Jessy and David.

Jessy broke down
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There was no Anne, she was not findable in a database, nor was she ever registered anywhere. This person whoever it was fabricated her whole life. Jessy broke down, she had known her best friend for over 10 years now, how could this be happening? What was in the safe?

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Eventually, a safecracker arrived, and Benji in the meantime kept barking at the safe. She also kept a close eye on Lily. She smelled something. When the safecracker was finally done they realized the gravity of the situation.

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A whole bunch of money, jewelry, documents, and passports were found inside the safe. When opening one of the passports the officers recognized the person. Jessy screamed, ''Thats Anne''.

International spy
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They found a hidden stash from Anne. The police captain came to Jessy, he told them that they were dealing with an international spy named Elizabeth Holmes. She was wanted in seventeen countries for espionage. Jessy was shocked.

Obvious reason
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The reason she infiltrated the lives of Jessy and David is that David works as the director of the national security company. He has access to the entire national security grid. Elizabeth had probably been hired by a rival company to leak secrets. At night she wiped the footage and tried cracking David's computer.

Benji is a hero
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Benji was the only one that noticed something about Elizabeth, this is why Benji tried her very best to protect Lily from any danger that she could sense. Benji had cracked this case wide open. Officers told David that he should be very proud of their dog.

Trying to leave the country
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Eventually, they managed to catch Elizabeth trying to leave the country. She had noticed the police presence at the house, and she was not going to get caught. But when she did she confessed everything. Benji saved the day.

Best friends
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Benji and Lily grew up as best friends. Lily eventually learned the entire story from her parents. She and Benji were inseparable ever since, Benji never stopped looking out for Lily. David and Jessy tried to be more careful about who they let into their house. If they made a mistake again, at least they had Benji to watch out for them.

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