Source: Youtube A 66 years old pregnant woman is something you don’t see every day, but doctors have no doubt about it. When the woman (Ka...

Woman Gives Birth At 66-Years-Old, Then Doctors Make A Shocking Discovery Woman Gives Birth At 66-Years-Old, Then Doctors Make A Shocking Discovery

Woman Gives Birth At 66-Years-Old, Then Doctors Make A Shocking Discovery

Woman Gives Birth At 66-Years-Old, Then Doctors Make A Shocking Discovery


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A 66 years old pregnant woman is something you don’t see every day, but doctors have no doubt about it. When the woman (Karen Connely) eventually gives birth to the child, there is something off about it. And when the doctors run a few tests on the mother and child, they quickly make a shocking discovery…

If only they had known about this before…

A baby born
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When Karen finally managed to give birth to her baby, she and her husband felt like all their struggles were now behind them. They were maybe old, but they were new parents to this beautiful little boy. But there was something they did not know yet…

A shocking discovery
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When doctors end up running some more tests on Karen and the baby, they make a discovery that they need to verify it 3 times before they actually allow themselves to believe what they are seeing. But there is no doubt about it…

Bringing the news
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With lead in his shoes, the doctors bring the news to Karen and George, who upon hearing it can do nothing else but cry…

But what did the doctors discover? And how did a 66-year-old woman even manage to get pregnant in the first place?

Hard to believe
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When doctors confirmed that the 66-year-old woman was pregnant, they were shocked. They kept asking themselves how it was possible for an older woman like Karen could be carrying a baby in her womb. Not only was the doctor shocked, but even Karen herself was also surprised at the news.

Her visit to the hospital
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Karen was at the hospital to complain about how she had been feeling tired and nauseous for a while. Her thought was that maybe she had been infected with a virus or something. But she got the greatest shock when the doctors confirmed that she was carrying a child.

The test result
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The result of the test revealed that she was 4 months pregnant. Karen acknowledged that she noticed the increase in her size in size recently. But she didn't give it much thought as she attributed her weight gain to her retirement. Since she hadn't been going to work but was mostly at home resting and eating well, she felt that was the cause.

An unusual occurrence
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Even though it wasn't impossible for a woman Karen's age to get pregnant, it was rare. After the doctors had their feel of the surprising news, they quickly tried to change their focus. The medical staff's attention and concern were drawn to her to ensure the mother and the baby were in good health.

More checks on Karen
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The medical staff at the hospital decided to run more checks on Karen to ascertain her health and the growing fetus. After an extensive checking, they realized that both the mother and baby were doing fine. This realization calmed them, but they didn't want to take any chances, so they decided to put some things in place.

The doctors' instructions
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The doctors instructed Karen to always be at the hospital every few months until the baby was delivered. They emphasized their commitment to ensuring she and the baby were in good health. Unknowing the passionate doctors, Karen had different things in her mind while being instructed. Since she was a bit lost in thoughts, she didn't pay much attention to what the doctors said.

She thought deeply
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Karen was engrossed in deep thinking as she journeyed from the hospital to her home. Until she got home in the afternoon of the day, she was busy trying to process all that had happened and the news she got from the hospital. It dawned on her that she was going to be a mother again—the remembrance of how old she was baffled her the most.

Her wondering continued
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As much as the news surprised her, she had a lot of doubt about it. She wondered if she still had enough strength to carry and deliver a child again. All these thoughts made her more doubtful; she began to feel stressed after giving the situation too much thought.

Karen's Family
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Karen and her husband, George, had been married for almost 40 years. They had 3 beautiful children who were married and left the house to settle with their own families. It is safe to call Karen a grandma has she already has 3 grandchildren.

George's reaction to the news
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It was Karen's utmost surprise to see that George wasn't shocked as she had expected when she revealed the news to him. George explained his reaction because he had somehow had the intuition that something beautiful and surprising at the same time was coming into their lives. He mentioned further that he only didn't know what the beautiful thing was going to be.

Their different opinions
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It appeared that George was entirely in favor of becoming a parent again. He emphasized that parenting their older children was the best thing he had ever done, and as a result, he would love to do it again. On the other hand, Karen was still in so much doubt about the baby. Her doubt about the pregnancy made her unsure whether to keep it.

Her final decision
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After thinking and consideration, Karen finally decided to keep the child. She was particularly decisive about keeping the baby because of her children view of the situation. When Karen spoke to her children about the surprising pregnancy, they were a bit shocked and hesitant to agree with their father, George's opinion. Later, they concluded that if keeping it was going to make their parents happy, then okay.

Months went by
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After the decision was made, Karen made up her mind to go through whatever the pregnancy was going to cause her. As months went after months, the due date was gradually getting closer. The pregnancy was much tougher on Karen's body than her other children. Getting out of her bed on some days was a tough thing to do.

George's strange actions
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George being a good man, was always going the extra mile to ensure his wife was as comfortable as possible. Even though George had always been a gentleman, his actions were a bit strange to Karen. She felt George's actions towards her were unusual for him because of the extent to which he went for her.

Karen was worried for her husband
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Karen married George as an old-school man who was very much set on the classical gender roles. George's attribute was fine by Karen because she, too, was all about the gender roles. Seeing George do some things for her while she was pregnant caught her by surprise, and she began worrying that something was going on with him.

Her doubts would be proven correct
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Karen kept wondering if George did or knew something she was unaware of, and that was why he was unusually nice to her. Initially, Karen blamed her hormones for her doubts about her husband. As time passed, she concluded that her suspicions would be proven right.

Few weeks to delivery 
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At exactly 3 weeks to Karen's delivery, she began toro feel the weight of carrying a baby at her age. At this time, she began to feel so sick that George had no other option than to take her to the hospital. He thought it would be best if she were under the supervision of medical personnel.

At the hospital
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On getting to the hospital, the poor woman was quickly checked by a doctor considering the critical condition she was in. The doctor realized that the baby needed to be delivered immediately. The immediate delivery was to prevent Karen from more risk as the day went by. George was thankful for the right timing for which he brought his wife to the hospital.

A change of decision
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On the same day, Karen's labor was medically induced. This action was taken so Karen, who was then very weak, to start the delivery process. Not long after she was induced, the doctors noticed a sign of more trouble; immediately, they made up their minds to perform a C-section on her. But soon after then, they realized the caesarian section wasn't needed.

Delivery at last
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A few minutes into the delivery process, Karen gave birth the natural way. It wasn't easy for her to do, but the doctors tried to keep her stable throughout the process. Fortunately, she and the baby made it through. The doctors were all happy about the situation; little did they know that their troubles weren't over yet.

George's changed action after delivery
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Karen and the baby had to stay at the hospital for about one more week to recover. George was always there, too, but despite being there, he seemed to have a very deadset focus for a particular course. His presence at the hospital after the delivery appeared to have no impact, especially on the mother.

Karen was less concerned
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George barely gave any attention to Karen the week she was left to recover at the hospital after delivering the baby. His only focus was wanting to be around the baby, while he seemed to care less about his wife. Karen didn't give his actions much thought as she was more concerned about her health. Little did she know she was making a mistake not giving George's actions much thought.

Headed Home
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Karen was quickly tired of the hospital and after spending a week there she was allowed to go home. She, George, and the baby rode quietly in the car for the hour-long drive. Karen was happy to have some alone time with George. This was the first alone time they'd had in a while and she was excited to talk about being parents again. 

George is Uninterested
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Karen attempted to talk to George, but he didn't seem interested. She brought up ideas on how they might raise the baby boy and how he felt about being a parent again. She tried to get any interest from him at all, but he won't talk much. Karen was getting annoyed and scared. What was wrong with George?

Why Won't He Talk?
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George's behavior at the hospital could be ignored. After all, he'd just become a parent again. It was going to be a completely different life now. It would take time for George to adjust, but now that they were on their way home and he wouldn't even talk to her something was surely wrong!

A Party
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Karen decided to not dwell on George's strange actions for now. She was very grateful to no longer be in the hospital. They arrived home and their children and family were already there to celebrate the new baby and to give Karen and George all the attention they deserved but George was still acting strange. 

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The family fell in love with the baby immediately and Karen was so happy. However, George didn't seem to care. He didn't care about the baby, Karen, or the rest of the family. He acted like a stranger to all of them. Karen smiled it off because she didn't want to make anyone alarmed about her situation, but she was really getting worried. 

George's Fixation
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At the hospital, while George hadn't paid much attention to Karen he had spent a long time fixated on their baby boy. It seemed that all of that was gone. Even in their own home and surrounded by his family he didn't care. When George was handed the baby he handed it off to another member of the family and go fetch a beer. 

What Does George Know?
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This behavior was getting worse the more time went on. Karen wanted to discuss it with George but she wasn't sure she could. He'd been nice in the past months but now he just seemed cold. What had happened to him? Did he know something that Karen didn't know? What could it be?

Back At The Hospital
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At the same time that Karen was at home worried about George the hospital was getting worried about something else entirely. They had sent Karen home that morning. She was in good health and they didn't have any doubts about her or the baby. But now that they were looking at the test results they knew they had to bring them back in. 

Test Results
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Some of the tests were still pending answers after Karen had left. The hospital had let them go confident that the test results would come back normal. After all, she and the baby had been strong when they left the hospital. What could have gone so wrong?

Run It Twice
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The doctors were more than shocked when they got the results of the tests back. To be absolutely sure that the results were correct they ran the tests two more times. They checked that they had used the right samples and that the tests went smoothly and they came up with the same answer as before. 

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After doing the tests three times they knew that they needed to get Karen and her family back to the hospital. They needed to come back as soon as possible and decided to call Karen and George. This was something that they needed to hear about in person. But what could the shocking news be?

The Call
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By the time the family had left Karen's home, she was drained. She and George were picking up after the party and had put the baby to bed. That's when the call came in. Karen answered it as she expected it to be another family member calling to congratulate her. But it wasn't family. It was something far more frightening. 

Expecting the Call
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Once she picked up and heard that it was the hospital calling she knew something had to be wrong. The hospital wouldn't be calling to check up so soon. They'd just gotten home. George figured out that it was the hospital calling and he froze. He thought this call might be coming. 

Troubling Results
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Karen was told that she, George, and the baby should come back to the hospital early the next morning. They told Karen that they'd found something troubling in the results of the numerous tests they had run. Karen felt shattered. They wouldn't tell her over the phone what it was, but George didn't react at all as expected. 

George Knows
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George told Karen that he thinks he has an idea about what this might be. He didn't want to bring it up before hearing the results which made Karen more worried. He said it wouldn't be fair to her. But that thought alone kept Karen up all night. She prayed that nothing horrible was in the results but it didn't seem likely. 

Driving Back
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The drive back to the hospital was much different from the drive home the day before. Karen was stressed, but George was calm. And he was trying to keep Karen calm too. He said that if the results are what he thought it was everything would be fine, both Karen and the baby. But Karen was still worried. 

The Doctor's Office
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Karen didn't calm down much after talking with George in the car. What he said made her more concerned and now she couldn't stop thinking. When they got to the doctor's office she was so nervous that she couldn't hold the baby. George took the baby and told Karen to be calm again. 

DNA Tests
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The doctor looks more than uncomfortable. He's nervous and clearly doesn't want to deliver the news. The doctor started by talking about the tests, but he wasn't getting to the point. He kept dancing around the real issue, but the couple learned that the tests in question had been related to the baby's DNA. 

Karen Doesn't Know
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While the doctor was trying to explain the tests they had run he also assured Karen that she and the baby were both healthy and that she didn't need to worry about that. The problem was actually with George. George nodded and seemed to know exactly what the doctor was talking about. What weren't they telling her?

Who Is the Father?
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The DNA tests had proven repeatedly that George was certainly not the father of the baby. His DNA did not match that of the baby who was his supposed son. Karen was defeated. She knew immediately what had happened and knew that her world was about to be turned upside down. 

The Affair
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Karen attempted not to cry but looking into her husband's face it was clear that he'd known about her affair for a while now. He knew it before the baby was even born. He suspected right away that the baby wasn't his but he knew that the baby would make Karen happy so he didn't say anything. But that wasn't all. 

George's Hope
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George was loving and kind to Karen throughout the whole pregnancy. He still held out hope that it was his baby. He thought for sure that Karen couldn't have had a baby with another man, but when the baby was born he knew he wasn't the father. His gut had told him right away and he had been right. 

Different Features
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He had attempted to bond with the baby and that is when he inspected the baby closely. The baby didn't have his features. Different eyes and some hair that didn't match his or Karen's. It was clear that the baby wasn't his, but he wanted to make Karen happy so he hadn't said anything. But it was now Karen's time to talk. 

Two Fathers
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Karen revealed who the man was and eventually, she talked to her lover. He and George agreed to both be in the baby's life. They knew that each of them deserved that. Whether or not it was his son, George decided to stay with Karen. All he ever wanted was to keep her happy. 

Different Family
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Their family dynamic certainly changed. Karen had to explain to her adult children that the baby wasn't George's. Everyone was shocked and a bit angry but George kept them in check and once again said that he only wanted Karen to be happy and after some time everyone got along fine. And the whole family was happy in the end. 

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