There’s nothing like moving into your own home and having the freedom to do whatever you want with the property. Right? Yet, we also know ...

After Backing Out of His Driveway, Man Discovers Hidden Gem Beneath the Surface After Backing Out of His Driveway, Man Discovers Hidden Gem Beneath the Surface

After Backing Out of His Driveway, Man Discovers Hidden Gem Beneath the Surface

After Backing Out of His Driveway, Man Discovers Hidden Gem Beneath the Surface

 There’s nothing like moving into your own home and having the freedom to do whatever you want with the property. Right? Yet, we also know that with the freedom of owning your own property, comes the responsibility to tend to all your home’s needs, as well.

Simon Marks from England was in for quite a big surprise when what seemed to be a minor car issue turned out to be a-whole-nother mystery in his driveway. Not only did he discover that there was something much more significant to his home than he would’ve ever anticipated, but he also learned a whole new meaning to the word devotion.
Keep on reading to find out the hidden gem that laid beneath his home’s surface.

Simon Marks

Raised in the quaint city of St. Albans, England, Simon Marks moved out to the bigger city of Luton when he was older. Overall, Simon had good things going in his life – he took part in all sorts of fun activities including music, was set with a job, and had a lovely place to call home and relax and spend his free time after a long day.
But little did Simon know that a big secret was just waiting to be unraveled, shaking things up in his life.

Lost Without Cause

In 2004, the enthusiastic artist and two other musicians decided to unite and start up a band called Lost Without Cause. The 3-piece rock band is still active today, with Simon, aka “Si”, as the lead vocals and bassist, a guitarist named Tony, and the drummer named JJ.
Simon kept himself quite busy over the years with work and performing with the band, so just like any other productive person, expecting any issues at home was the last thing that was on his mind. But any homeowner knows that that’s never really the case.

Some Car Troubles

The autumn day in 2016 started out quite regular for Simon, leaving his car parked out on the driveway near his front garden. While he was on his way out though, something quite unusual happened. And unfortunately, it wasn’t the good kind of an unusual. It was the type of unusual that nobody who owns a vehicle ever wants to encounter.
As he reversed his car out of his driveway, an abrupt and strange noise came from beneath the car.

A “Crumbling” Noise

Anybody who’s ever driven a car knows that when there’s a strange noise coming from it, then it could easily mean trouble. Then again, perhaps the noise was just something caught under the car, and the only way out of this problem is to just drive right through it.
“I heard sort of a crumbling noise under the front tire, I thought ‘That’s a bit weird,’ but I carried on and reversed out,” Simon explained during his interview with SWNS TV. It was what happened next that the red flags in Simon’s mind started flaring up.

Second Attempt to Reverse

At first, any noise from your car might be a bit frightening. However, Simon seemed to quickly understand that the noise he had heard wasn’t from the vehicle itself, but from something right below it – specifically beneath his front tire. However, as he continued to reverse his car back out of the driveway, his tire wouldn’t budge. Then, all of a sudden, his car unexpectedly jolted forward.
It was then that Simon decided to give it one last try to back out of the driveway. He figured if there was something underneath his tires, he needed to try and move the car out of the way first.

Putting His Foot Down

Betting on the fact that third time was the charm, Simon made another attempt to reverse, in order to get out of this pavement trap and investigate exactly what was going on with his driveway.
“All of a sudden the car jolted forward – I got some real resistance. So, I really put my foot down, reversed out, and got out of the car and checked,” Simon told SWNS TV.
But when Simon got out of the car, he realized that this issue would be more significant than just something caught under his tire.

What Was Beneath the Trapped Tire?

Simon was finally able to remove his car from the premises, and was able to take a closer look at the situation. What exactly could it be? Was it something caught under his tire? Was his driveway falling apart? Was it actually his car that was making the noise after all?
Alas, when Simon took a closer look at the ground, he just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “I thought I might’ve gone down one of the flowerbeds. But as it turned out, the ground was opening up underneath the front tire,” Simon revealed to BBC.

A Hole Out of Nowhere

Whether you’re a home owner or not, having any sort of issue with your house can always be quite a stressful time. Right? Especially if one day your driveway looks good to go and then the next, your tire gets trapped in a deep hole in the ground. It seemed that somehow, out of nowhere, a hole had just popped and opened up, right there in his driveway. Thankfully, nothing was wrong with Simon’s car, but what exactly was going on with his driveway?

Was This a Minor or Major Fix?

Simon was doing his best to stay cool, calm, and collected. And while at first it might’ve seemed like there was just a small crack in the driveway, what if it was a little scratch to the surface of what lay beneath?
The more Simon thought about it, the more likely he felt like there was an actual sinkhole in the works. And if there really was a cavity in the ground below his house, then what did this mean for his home?

One of Two Possibilities

He had narrowed it down to two possibilities. Either he was dealing with the issue of a sinkhole in the ground, and would need to immediately outsource help to resolve the issue before anything or anyone gets damaged or hurt. Or, perhaps, it was just a “badly constructed garden,” and just a little bit of refurbishing and renovating would solve it right up. Either way, the only thing that was on his mind was that he wanted to figure out what was going on and fix it ASAP.
However, there was actually a third possibility that Simon and his family never would’ve thought of.

Terrified of What Might Happen to His Home

As we mentioned before, it can be incredibly stressful when you find out that you have a structural issue with your home, regardless of whether it’s with the interior or exterior area.
“I was just terrified the whole house was going to vanish,” Simon expressed to BBC. But Simon wasn’t just going to sit there and do nothing – he had put the pedal to the metal before, and he was going to use that very same ambition to solve this mysterious hole in the ground, too.

Taking Matters into His Hands

Random holes in the ground aren’t just supposed to open up out of nowhere, which means that Simon had to do a little more digging to find out the underlying problem. It was time to take matters into his own hands.
Simon contacted some of his friends and family about the situation, and put together a little “investigation” team to start exploring. As soon as Simon and his crew started to dig a little deeper, they started to realize that there really might be a third possibility to the scenario.
They began breaking away and digging up around the part of the driveway where his front tire got trapped in, and were completely surprised by what they were witnessing.

Their First Find

Simon and his father got to working, with their buckets of dirt, and broken pieces of concrete, they eventually produced an even bigger hole than the small one from the beginning of this whole saga. Soon enough, their hard work was paying off. They finally got a lead on what might be the problem beneath his home, and it was well beyond anything that they were expecting.
“After removing some of the slabs out of the way, and investigating, we actually found a top of a ladder,” Simon explained to SWNS TV.

Getting to the Bottom of It All

After spending so much time removing slabs and digging, the crew had found something out of the ordinary below the surface.
While Simon was expecting a sinkhole, you can imagine how he must’ve felt when he realized that there wasn’t necessarily a structural issue with his driveway.
But clearly there was some form of hidden secret buried beneath the ground, and they were determined to get to the bottom of it. However, it’s not safe to just dive in blind into a construction site like this one, so Simon got creative and decided to utilize something just as out of the ordinary to help out.

Simon’s Selfie Stick

For anyone who decides to do some digging in your front or backyard, it’s extremely important to be aware of the precautions needed to take when doing so. You never know what you’re gonna find, or if there’s potential risk when entering the ground, so keeping your distance in hazardous environments is crucial.
So, instead of just climbing down the ladder to investigate further what was going on, Simon grabbed a selfie stick, stuck his camera on it, and lowered it down the hole to capture and finally unravel all of the hidden mysteries.

Sending the Evidence to Simon’s Dad

As silly as it might sound to use a selfie-stick in a scenario like this, utilizing it actually proved to be a productive and effective method!
“First thing I did, took some pictures, sent it to my dad,” Simon explained to BBC. “We could see all the structure inside, so we set about digging out all the mud.”
But what exactly was this so called “structure” that the Simon and his father were so determined to dig up and discover?

The Hidden Mystery Hidden Beneath

Through the pictures that Simon had taken, he and his dad were able to identify what was below the ground – and it seemed to be quite a remarkable find, too. Simon’s dad also reassured him that it didn’t seem like there was much to worry about, in regards to it being hazardous for structure of the house itself.
“After dropping down a selfie stick with the camera on, we actually found it was an air raid shelter,” Simon revealed to SWNS TV.

Rubbish & Mud

What Simon had just discovered was something incredibly significant to his country’s history. It turns out that underneath his house was an abandoned bomb shelter from World War II. How incredible!
Clearly, they had a visual of the ladder in person, but what else could they tell from the pictures?
Simon shared with BBC that, “[My father] thought it was just filled in with rubbish, and the mud had just collapsed.”
You know what that means, right? The team got back to digging to see what else they could find out about this new discovery.

A Part of World History

“It was so well structured with the concrete roof and the walls, it was quite clear what it was going to be. We googled other air raid shelters and they were all of a similar structure, so it clicked quite quickly what it was,” Simon explained to BBC.
Right there, right under his very nose, was a massive part of, not just British history, but world history. After digging and digging, they actually were able to climb down the ladder and start to investigate the area in person, too.

Buried for Decades and Decades

Can you imagine the rush of excitement that overcame Simon when he discovered that his house was sitting on a historical jewel? Not only was this discovery exciting, but it was clear that this shelter had been buried for decades and decades, untouched and unmentioned.
But how exactly was Simon left with this astonishing surprise after he purchased his house? The air raid shelter was clearly such an important part of history and the property itself, so he decided to hit the books and look up some Luton history.

An Empty Lot

You’re probably wondering how was it possible for Simon to have purchased this house without knowing about this historical hidden gem, right? Well, Simon didn’t just do physical digging, he started to do some research, as well.
The more Simon delved into the subject, the more he started to believe that his house was most likely either an empty lot, with the house built sometime after the war, or that it was originally the backyard of a family’s house, with the bomb shelter built in the garden.

Luton in the ‘40s

While Luton, England might seem like an odd place to have underground bomb shelters, it was quite common for cities all over the world to build and equip them during the war.
In fact, looking back at history, in 1940, Luton was actually quite a big target and encountered a terrible attack at a local factory, Vauxhall car factory, by the German air force.
So, the fact that Simon’s property contained a shelter doesn’t seem to be so mysterious, even though he had no idea about it until now.

Five Steps Below the Surface

Now that Simon had understood the historical significance of his property and what was found below it, he was excited to continue his excavation and discover even more about the air raid shelter. So, what else did Simon conjure up while he was digging out the hole in his front garden?
After digging out about five steps of the ladder, he was able to finally get down and explore. He noticed that the shelter actually contained not one, but two rooms, as well.

A Hard Workin’ Man

Basically, the entire shelter was covered up in mud from over the years and Simon had dug out literally five feet deep worth of sludge and dirt to get be able to truly start exploring. Talk about a hard workin’ man! Impressive, right?
He discovered that the actual shelter itself was about 10 feet deep, so he was about half way done with his journey when BBC and SWNS TV came around to interview him.
He went on to further explain just how exactly he thinks the shelter functioned, too.

10 Feet Down

“This is the actual shelter itself, obviously the main room where the ladder comes down. But then this [behind me] is the actual part where they used to go when the bombs were dropping. So, when the sirens went off, they ran down the ladder, into the safe room, down there,” Simon eagerly clarified with SWNS TV while pointing towards the second room located a few feet deep into the ground.
“The height of [the second room] there is 10 feet down, so that’s how low I need to get this [main] room. It’s getting there, it’s just gonna take a little while,” Simon shared with a smirk.

A Historical Treat

Talk about right place, right time. How often does something like this happen? Where you just magically find a piece of history hidden in your very own yard? And more specifically, a piece of history that you truly appreciate, as well. It’s heartwarming to see how these turns of events worked out in Simon’s favor in the end. Not only was he excited about the fact that he had something so magnificently historic hidden in his front yard, but he was determined to make it his own personal project to revitalize it.

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