In 1985, Karin Scholtz took a picture of her triplets, Peter, Mark, and Dennis, on their first birthday. Little did she know this one phot...

Triplets Took The Same Birthday Picture For 33 Years, Not Knowing How Much Life Would Change In That Time Triplets Took The Same Birthday Picture For 33 Years, Not Knowing How Much Life Would Change In That Time

Triplets Took The Same Birthday Picture For 33 Years, Not Knowing How Much Life Would Change In That Time

Triplets Took The Same Birthday Picture For 33 Years, Not Knowing How Much Life Would Change In That Time

 In 1985, Karin Scholtz took a picture of her triplets, Peter, Mark, and Dennis, on their first birthday.

Little did she know this one photo would lead to 33 years of the boys posing together, showing how much their personalities changed throughout the years.

It Started On Their First Birthday

The triplets’ photo series began in 1985 during their first birthday. The tradition was actually unintentional, with their mom, Karin, just wanting to snap a picture of her boys while their tiny hands were stuffing cake into their mouths.


But posing in front of a birthday sign soon became an annual occurrence for Peter, Mark, and Dennis.

Turning Two Means Soccer Jerseys And Smiles

When their second birthday came around, Karin made another sign for the boys. This time, they were a bit more aware of what was going on around them and were more than happy to line up and pose for the camera.


With their blonde hair and soccer jerseys, the two-year-old triplets were all smiles!

Birthday #3 Is When The Photo Turned Into A Tradition

It wasn’t until their third birthday that Karin decided to make the annual birthday picture a tradition with her boys. In fact, they were the inspiration, as they were waiting for their picture to be taken together with their sign.


With matching Snoopy sweaters, Peter, Mark, and Dennis sat on the couch with their sign, smiling wide for the camera.

Age Four: Their Personalities Began To Show

When it was finally Peter, Mark, and Dennis’ fourth birthday, the triplets were headed to their first year of school. But the tradition went on, with their birthday sign at the ready and matching outfits. At least, two of them matched.


This was also the birthday that their personalities began shining through, with Mark and Dennis on top of a playset and Peter lying down. Still, all three boys are smiling.

Their Fifth Birthday Was Tough

Birthday number five was a bit sad for the boys, as seen by the concern on their faces. This is the year their mother, Karin, was battling Parkinson’s Disease. Still, she wanted to celebrate her triplet’s fifth birthday with their annual traditions.


She made her sons their cake, matching sweaters, and took a picture of them with their yearly sign.

They Were Back To Smiling During Their Sixth Birthday

Their sixth birthday had the boys smiling once again. All three of them were doing well in school, they were making friends, and their mom was doing a bit better. They were once again excited to take their annual birthday picture.


Of course, what’s a birthday picture without their matching sweaters!

Matching Sweaters Were So Last Year — Birthday #7

The boys were growing up, and when it was finally time to take their traditional birthday picture, something changed. It was their seventh birthday, and Peter, Mark, and Dennis did something a bit different.


This was the first year the triplets didn’t wear matching sweaters! Instead, they opted for overalls with different sweaters underneath.

Their Eighth Birthday Was The Last In Their House

When the boys eighth birthday rolled around, they stuck with their new tradition of different sweaters. While the polka dot pattern was the same, they decided to sport different colors.


Sadly, a month after their birthday photo was taken, their house burned to the ground, thanks to a gas leak. It was a difficult time for everyone.

Birthday #9 Was Somewhere New

For a while, the boys and their mom lived with their neighbor, Wilma. She actually helped Karin with the boys’ ninth birthday sign for their photo! Soon, the small family moved to a trailer, waiting until their home was rebuilt.


It would take a year, but the boys and their mom eventually were able to move back in.

Peter Took Their Tenth Birthday Picture

The boys were growing up so fast. When it was time for their tenth birthday, they decided to try something new. Peter had saved up his money and bought a camera.


So, setting the timer, the boys grabbed their annual birthday sign and took their traditional photo with Peter’s new camera!

A Girl Came Into The Picture During Their 11th Birthday

He might have just turned 11, but Peter was apparently a little ladies’ man! He was the first brother to have a girlfriend. He and Eva would meet after school while Peter and Dennis ran around, causing a bit of trouble, as 11-year-olds do.


Even so, they snapped their annual picture with two straight faces and one with a sarcastic-looking smirk.

Peter Was Diagnosed With Epilepsy During Their 12th Birthday

Birthday number 12 was a bit difficult for the triplets. While Mark and Dennis were getting ready to transition into high school, Peter was in and out of doctors’ offices.


That year, he was diagnosed with epilepsy and would have random seizures that would keep him out of school for days at a time. Even so, the brothers took their annual picture and were all smiles.

Their 13th Birthday Saw Peter Separated From His Brothers

Unfortunately, when the brothers’ 13th birthday came around, Peter’s parents decided it would be best for him to stay back in elementary school while his brothers made their way up to high school.


New experiences brought on his seizures and moving from one school to another definitely fit the bill.

Peter Finally Made It To High School By Their 14th Birthday

By the time the boys turned 14, Peter was ready to join his brothers in high school. As one of the smartest kids in class, Peter seamlessly transitioned from one school to the other. It was also made easier now that he was back with his brothers.


Now that they’re full-fledged teens, though, their annual picture saw the boys with tight-lipped smiles a la teenage angst.

They Were Put Back In The Same Grade By Birthday #15

By the time the brothers turned 15, Peter was put back into the same grade as Mark and Dennis. He was very smart and willing to put in the work, something that clearly paid off.


Their annual picture came and went. And, this time, there were bead necklaces thrown into the mix! Clearly, it was the 90s.

It Was All About Hair Dye For Their 16th Birthday

It was clear that the boys were well into their teenage rebellion phase when their 16th birthday came around. In their traditional picture, it looks as though two of the three triplets decided to do a bit of experimenting with hair dye!


On the left, peter is rocking some red locks while Mark dyed his hair dark black.

They Were Making Their Way Through Their 17th Birthday

The boys were still making their way through high school when it came time to celebrate their 17th birthday. It was also the time where they decided to give up the hair dye and long hair!


Each of the boys actually sported a pretty similar look in their annual photo, including their casual style.

18 Years Old And Looking Towards The Future

The brothers graduated from high school by the time they turned 18. Each of them decided they wanted to go on to higher learning, with Mark wanting to become a teacher and Dennis a sports masseur.


Peter, on the other hand, wanted to go to school and study to become an architect.

Just Before They Turned 19, Peter Had An Episode

Peter had been safe from epileptic episodes for a few years. Unfortunately, right before the triplets were set to turn 19, he had one of the worst attacks in his life.


Thankfully, someone was there to help Peter get through the seizure, but the scare had a lasting effect on Peter’s life.

The Brothers Moved To Berlin During Their 20th Birthday

During his last episode, Peter developed anxiety about being alone. So, by the time the brothers turned 20, Mark and Dennis decided to move to Berlin to be with Peter.


They were all over the country by this point, working on their respective studies. But Peter needed them, and they didn’t hesitate to be there for him.

They Were Together For Their 21st Birthday

The brothers were together for their 21st birthday, living and studying their respective courses in Berlin. Even though they were getting into their early 20s, nothing was stopping them from doing their annual birthday photo!


With the sign they’d had since they were little, the boys posed for yet another picture.

22 Saw The Boys With Some Dark Hair

When their 22nd birthday rolled around, Peter, Mark, and Dennis were still living and studying in Berlin. Still, they stopped what they were doing and posed once again from their traditional birthday picture.


Each of the boy’s hair was a bit darker this year, with Peter getting a trim before growing his long locks out.

The Boys Graduated And Moved Back Home At 23

The boys turned 23 in 2008. Finally, they had each completed their studies. It was supposed to be a fun time for them. Sadly, their mom, Karin, recently learned she had a malignant tumor in her intestines.


With hesitation, the three boys moved back home to take care of their mother.

They Were Taking Care Of Their Mom At 24

While the boys were taking care of their mother in the house they grew up in, Peter’s girlfriend, Suzan, also came to help. Together, all four of the “kids” took care of Karin.


And taking care of Karin meant sticking with tradition and snapping a birthday photo of her three boys.

Brotherly Hugs To Celebrate 25

Even with the ups and downs of their mother’s illness, she and the boys were a close-knit group and made the best out of the situation. They were all still living at the house they spent many years growing up in and Suzane had moved in full-time.


Of course, the boys also took the time to snap their traditional birthday picture.

26 = Long Hair, Don’t Care

When Peter, Mark, and Dennis turned 26, two of the three brothers sported very long hair! Peter was even rocking a ponytail and headband while Mark had solid curly locks almost down to his chin.


One thing remained constant, though, the boys grabbed their birthday sign and took a picture.

When The Boys Turned 27, Karin Passed Away

Sadly, Karin passed away from colon cancer when the boys turned 27. The brothers inherited the house, deciding to live there together since it was plenty big enough.


And when Peter and Suzan found out they were pregnant, they couldn’t have been happier that their child would grow up in the same house as him.

Noah Was Born On The Brothers’ 28th Year

Peter and Suzan’s son Noah was born on April 23, 2013, and the two parents couldn’t have been more thrilled. While Peter was very happy and excited to be a father, Mark and Dennis were even more elated about being uncles for the first time.


But even in the middle of a huge life event, the brothers still made time for their birthday picture.

They Got Into A Routine By 29

By the time the brothers turned 29, they were getting into a bit of a routine. Peter was a new father, Mark and Dennis uncles, and they were all working full-time jobs while living at the house they grew up in.


Before they even knew it, the three of them were going to hit another milestone — their 30s.

Their 30th Birthday Was A Huge Celebration

When Peter, Mark, and Dennis, hit 30 years old, they celebrated by throwing a huge party with all of their closest friends.


Not only was the age a huge milestone for the triplets, but it was also the age Peter married Suzan, the love of his life and the mother of his son.

The Future Was Looking Bright At 31

By the time the triplets rolled on over to the age of 31, they were looking forward to their futures. They were still living in their house, they had a baby to dote on, and great friends surrounded them.


On top of that, they’d been able to uphold their birthday picture tradition without skipping a year!

The Brothers Were Happy At 32

Peter, Mark, and Dennis were all happy and living their best lives by the time their 32nd birthday rolled around. Better yet, they still had the birthday sign their mother had made for them all of those years ago.


So, they did what they did every year, posing in front of the camera with big smiles on their faces holding the sign.

33 And Thriving!

The final photo on their journey sees the brothers at 33 with a hopeful smile on their faces. They have been through so many ups and downs, and the future continues to look bright.


We wonder what’s next for the brothers? As the years go on, it’s crazy to imagine what the brothers will look like in the future.

Looking Snazzy At 34

Going into their 34th birthday, the triplets once again did their annual photo. This time, they all look way more similar than in the past years!


While the two brothers on the end kept their hairstyles, the one in the middle decided it was time to join the group, growing his hair out a bit longer.

The Hair Got Longer At 35

For their 35th photograph, the triplet brothers all look as though they made a pack — grow their curly hair out for the following year and let it hang loose and not back in a ponytail!

Identical Triplets take the same Birthday Picture for 36 years 2-0 screenshot

From 34 to 35, each of the brothers looks as though they let their locks fly free.

36 = Some New Styles And Some Old

From 35 to 36, people might notice something very similar. The brother in the center of the image is actually wearing the exact same outfit!


Well, that’s pretty much where the similarities end, as the two brothers on each end grew their hair out a whole lot, including one brother needing a headband.

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